Long and winding roads: infrastructure and landscape design through steep slopes

Luigi Siviero

  • Lingua: inglese
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2019
  • Collana: Paesaggio
  • Caratteristiche: Formato (mm): 150x210 - Pagine: 132
  • Prezzo: € 15.00
  • ISBN: 9788867641918

Which are the problems posed by planning or transforming a mountain road (or some of its stretches) from the point of view of architectural and landscape design? Which is the impact of Italian roads running through orographically complex landscapes? How is it possible to exploit the potentialities offered by slopes, passes, drops in height, gullies when planning roads? This book provides some considerations regarding mobility infrastructures in orographically complex landscapes, with the aim of collecting together themes and project strategies that nowadays are scattered through a host of piecemeal case studies, infrastructures themselves, good practices, trials, customary or traditional approaches. This book aims to collect some heterogeneous considerations into a firmer body of suggestions, so as to afford project-linked hints and cross-sectional interpretations about a subject that (though dubbed as marginal) truly plays a much more central and relevant role than what contemporary project-linked culture would like to admit.